XIII Polish Flute Festival



Sieradz, 7 - 10th November 2021



  • Artistic Education Centre

Co-organizers and financing:

  • 1st grade State Music School in Sieradz

  • Music Associaction FERMATA from Sieradz


  • The City Council of Sieradz

  • The District Office of Sieradz


Aims of the festival:

  • presentation of the artistic heritage of the youth

  • extending the knowledge about the technic of playing the flute through the lectures, methodic consultations, concerts and exchanging the experience of teachers and students

  • extending and popularization of flute repertoire

  • making possible to young solists checking their abilities and submiss professional international judgement



In the Festival can take part flute players in four groups:

  • 1st group - till 10 years old (born in 2011 and younger)

  • 2nd group - from 11 till 13 years old (born 2010-2008)

  • 3rd group - from 17 till 19 yeras old (born 2007-2005)

  • 4th group - from 17 till 19 yeras old (born 2004-2002) - does not apply to students of higher education




The participant will present:

a) two contrasting parts of a baroque sonata (slow, fast), it is acceptable to play from notes

b) random piece of work from memory contrasting stylistically with the chosen sonata ( can be part of a cyclic form)



The participant will present:

a) baroque sonata, it is acceptable to play from notes

b) random piece of work from memory contrasting stylistically with the chosen sonata ( can be part of a cyclic form)




The participant will present

a) from memory two parts (slow and fast) of a concert presented from the list below:

  • B. B. Pergolesi - "G-dur Concert"

  • A. E. Gretry - "C-dur Concert"

  • Ch. W. Gluck - "G-dur Concert"

  • C. Stamitz - "C-dur Concert"

  • J. Stamitz – "C-dur Concert"

  • F. Benda - "E-moll Concert"

  • J. J. Quantz - the so called "Military G-dur Concert"

  • J. J. Quantz - "G-dur Concert"

  • J. J. Quantz - "D-dur Concert"

  • J. Haydn - "D-dur Concert"

  • A. Vivaldi - "C-moll Concert"

b) chosen one of the following works (the list is not obligatory) or any other minature with piano accompaniment (can be presented from notes):

  • G. Faure - "Fantasy"

  • G. Hue - "Fantasy"

  • Ph. Gaubert - "Nocturne et Allegretto Scherzando"

  • P. Taffanel - "Andante Pastoral et Scherzettino"

  • G. Enescu - "Cantabile et Presto"

  • L. Ganne - "Andante et Scherzo"

  • F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy - "Rondo capriccioso" op.14

  • C. Reinecke - "The Ballad"

  • W. Popp - "The Rigoletto Fantasy"



a) The participant will present from memory two parts (slow and fast) of a concert from the list form group 3 or a concert from baroque or clasicism or:

  • W. A. Mozart - "G-dur Concert" or "D-dur Concert"

  • F. A. Hoffmeister - "D-dur Concert"

b) one work with accompanist from the list the same as in group III (can be performed with notes)

c) 20th -21st centrury work for solo flute (can be performed with notes) to choose from the suggested works‘ list below ( is not obligatory)

  • E. Bozza - "Image" for solo flute op. 38

  • P. Hindemith - "Acht Stucke Pour Flute"

  • P. O. Ferroud - Trais pieces pour flute part III - "Toan Yan"

  • K. Zgraja - one of the masterly etiudes "Flamenco - Studien na Fleto Solo"

  • O. Hans - "Improvisation" for solo flute

  • G. Pstrokońska-Nawratil - "Eco Per Flauto"

  • L. de Lorenzo - mythologic suite for solo flute op. 38 number 2 - "Marsyas" or number 3 " Apollo"

  • D. Lipatti - "Introduction Et Allegro" Pour Flute Solo

  • M. Kędziora - "Plaudens" for solo flute

  • M. Arnold - "Fantasy" for flute, op. 89

  • M. Stern - "Iberica"

The Jury

Each of the participants will be judged by international jury consisted of professors from Music Academies in Poland and abroad appointed by the Director ofArtistic Education Centre. Decisions will be definite.

Students of the jury can not take part in the Festival


Participant evaluation criteria

1. Workshop and technical level (sound quality, finger proficiency)

2. The level of musical and technical preparation of the repertoire in terms of style.

3. General musical talent (artistic impression).


Award criteria

The jury will evaluate the participants' performances on a scale of 1 to 25 points.

The jury will award material or cash prizes to the best festival participants with the highest scores.

The main prize may be awarded to the participant who obtains the maximum number of points.

It is allowed to award extra-statutory distinctions and prizes as well as distinctions for teachers and accompanists.

The winners of the competition receive the rights referred to in:

- Art. 44zh of the Act of September 7, 1991 on the education system (exemption from the promotional exam in an art school with the highest positive annual classification mark),

- Art. 132 of the Act of December 14, 2016 - Education Law (admission as first to secondary schools) or regulations issued on the basis of art. 162 of this Act (the method of converting into points individual criteria during the recruitment procedure for secondary schools).

The laureates of the Festival are required to participate in the Laureates Concert on November 10th 2021.


Organization of the Festival

1. The Festival will be held from 7 – 10th November 2021 in the 1st grade State Music School in Sieradz

2. Organization of the Festival is held by the Organization Bureau situated in the 1st grade State Music School in Sieradz, Jan Paweł II Street number 48, tel/fax: (43) 827-17-97

Information about the Festival can be found on the website: www.psmsieradz.pl

3. During the Festival different consultations, lectures, discussions, hearings and concerts will take place.

4. The Festival is open to the public.

5. Organisers reserve the right to record, play and present to the public the artistic performances.

6. Application forms should be sent till 15th October 2021 on the form attached to the e-mail: sekretariat@psmsieradz.pl

7. Applications will be registered according to the sequence of arrival.

8. Deposit of 200 PLN from foreign participants only should be paid on the account:

Towarzystwo Muzyczne FERMATA w Sieradzu

PEKAO S.A. O/Sieradz number: 14 1240 3275 1111 0000 2912 8127

Confirmation should be attached to the application form.

Application forms without the deposit will not be taken into consideration.

While resigning from the Festival the deposit will not be returned.

9. Organizers do not provide accompanists.

10. Organizers do not provide hotels or any other places to sleep and do not pay for transport. Addresses and contacts to the hotels available on the web sithe of the City Council of Sieradz www.umsieradz.pl

11. The list of the participants qualified to take part in the Festival and the accurate schedule will be presented untill 22nd October 2021 on the website.


Artistic direction: prof. Antoni Wierzbiński

Director of the 1st grade State Music School in Sieradz: Andrzej Grześkowiak


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